Bone, Joint, Or Muscle Pain? Orthopedic Urgent Care Is An Option

BONE, JOINT, OR MUSCLE PAIN? ORTHOPEDIC URGENT CARE IS AN OPTION! Have you or a family member ever twisted an ankle that required immediate medical attention?  Did you visit an Emerency Room for the injury and wait “forever”?  Did you visit an Urgent Care and sit next to someone with flu? You have another option! […]

Herniated Disc? 5 Signs that you should see a Spine Specialist

5 signs that you should see a spine specialist

Herniated Disc? 5 Signs That You Should See a Spine Doctor According to many studies, up to 85% of people in the United States will suffer from low back pain.  Low back pain is second only to upper respiratory infections (the common cold) as a reason for missed work time! Herniated or bulging vertebral discs […]

The Psychological Impact of Pain

THE PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPACT OF PAIN by John Allen, OMS IV A certain amount of pain is a normal part of living.  After all, pain is how your body warns you that it is injured or approaching an injury.  An individual’s experience of this pain will vary somewhat depending on how they have learned to interpret […]

Dr. Larry Todd, Jr. Named President of OrthoNeuro

DR. LARRY TODD, JR. NAMED NEW PRESIDENT OF ORTHONEURO by Jeff Wuerth Columbus, OH, August 3, 2020 – OrthoNeuro announced today that Larry T. Todd Jr., DO, has been named its new President.  He was selected by the OrthoNeuro Board of Physicians and assumed the role on August 1. Dr. Todd replaces Carl Berasi, DO, who […]

OrthoNeuro Physician Published in Cureus Journal of Medical Science

ORTHONEURO PODIATRIST/ WOUND CARE SPECIALIST PUBLISHES ARTICLE IN CUREUS JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE Dr. Napolitano and The Orthopedic Foundation Summer Research Intern, Abbey Karlock’s article, “Closed-Incision Negative Pressure Therapy in Place of Surgical Drain Placement in Plantar Fibroma Excision Surgery: A Case Series.”  was published in the Cureus Journal of Medical Science.   Their article was accepted […]

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