What Causes Shoulder Instability?

WHAT CAUSES SHOULDER INSTABILITY? (Burning Thigh Syndrome) Picture this: a tackle in football is accompanied by a shoulder injury sustained by the defender, noted with his arm limp at his side, in pain. Shoulder instability, or a dislocation of the “ball and socket joint,” can occur as a result of such a traumatic mechanism. It is […]

ACL Injuries in Women

ACL INJURIES IN WOMEN by Hayley Flynn, OMS II The slightest mention of an ACL tear strikes fear in the hearts of even the toughest athletes, and for a good reason. The career ending injury occurs in 1 of every 3,000 individuals each year, and it has been reported to occur upwards of 9 times more […]

Do I Need Neck Surgery? See a Spine Specialist to Find Out! 

DO I NEED NECK SURGERY? SEE A SPINE SPECIALIST TO FIND OUT! by Courtney Gittins After visiting a Spine Specialist for your neck pain, you will most likely begin a conservative treatment plan. This could involve OTC (over the counter) pain medication, prescription pain medication, physical therapy, and/or spinal injections. If these treatment options are not […]

Internal Rotation Shoulder Impingement Treatment

Internal Rotation Shoulder Impingement Medically reviewed by: An OrthoNeuro Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeon Shoulder joint pain can be very uncomfortable and can make the activities you love, including sports, very difficult. Thankfully, our board-certified specialists at OrthoNeuro can examine you and properly diagnose your pain. You may be feeling the effects of internal shoulder impingement. Schedule an appointment […]

Tips to Avoid Falls at Home

5 TIPS TO AVOID FALLS AT HOME DID YOU KNOW? 20% of Falls in Elderly Adults result in significant injury.  Falling once DOUBLES the chance of falling again. 5 Tips to Avoid Falls at Home Clean up clutter. The easiest way to prevent falls is to keep your home neat and tidy. Light it up.  Inadequate lighting […]

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