Advances in Spine Surgery – Ying H. Chen, D.O., F.A.C.O.S.


I typically will recommend anything conservative first for any type of spine condition, because any type of surgery that we do all have consequences.

If there are other means to manage your symptoms, then we try those first.

We do something, what we call a decompression. Decompression procedures they’re less invasive and they’re generally outpatient. And even with surgery, they’re less invasive surgeries versus surgery such as a spinal fusion.

So we can all go up the ladder and work our way up from the least invasive procedure first.

In spine care, there are significant advances in technology. We have our robotics for spinal surgery navigations that allow us to see inside the body without having to make an incision. And we can target our treatment to a specific area that we’re interested in.

Advances in Spine Surgery

Many invasive spine surgeries in my world have to do with the least amount of tissue disruption in order to get to the parts of the spine that we need to get to.

And that allows us to minimize the trauma to other parts of the body and that allows patients to preserve their function and also fasten their recovery.

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