Diabetes Related Foot Issues – Dr. Ralph Napolitano


Foot problems certainly limit our ability to have that healthy, active lifestyle. Obesity is very much related to diabetes. And diabetic foot problems are certainly very serious.

A very serious condition that diabetic patients can have, it’s called peripheral neuropathy. It starts out as a stinging burning type pain but left untreated and unchecked actually results in complete sensation loss in the feet.

Small little injuries can escalate to larger ones and diabetic foot complications can happen because we don’t have that ability to feel pain. For our diabetic patients, it’s certainly very important to inspect your feet frequently. To look at the bottom of the feet, a simple technique is just placing a mirror on the floor. You’ll be able to see the bottom very easily, and simply looking at your feet for frictional areas, red spots, new changes.

Appropriate shoes are certainly very important to avoiding frictional issues that diabetic patients may not know are happening.

Some common foot problems that we see in diabetic patients are skin infections and toenail infections, namely fungal things. Diabetic patients are prone to circulatory problems as well. If you do have a wound, it’s very important to see a wound specialist, especially if you’re diabetic.

Lower extremity wounds are certainly serious and can be even more complicated if you’re diabetic or have circulatory problems. However, today we have many, many therapies that we can execute quite successfully to take care of that wound, avoiding amputation and certainly other problems.

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