Interrelated Joints – Ying Chen, D.O., F.A.C.O.S.


When the spine wears out, you compensate for it using other joints, such as the hip joint, the knee joint, the shoulders; it can affect the carpal tunnel and so they are all interrelated. 

And many times, actually, the patient will come in for an evaluation, let’s say, for a hip or knee, but they actually have a back problem or vice versa. 

And so that’s up to us as clinicians to try to figure that out so we know how to best treat the patient.


Subacromial Impingement Syndrome

Subacromial Impingement Syndrome

Subacromial Impingement SyndromeThe shoulder joint is the most mobile joint of the body. The anatomical relationship between the humerus (arm bone) and the glenoid of the scapula (the shoulder blade) is a ball and socket joint. However, unlike the hip joint, which...

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