Meet Dr. Benjamin Szerlip, Orthopedic Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon


My name is Ben Szerlip, and I specialize in shoulder and elbow surgery. 

I’m from Mount Vernon, Ohio. I grew up there, went to the College of Worcester, then down to Ohio University for medical school. 

I did my orthopedic residency at the University of Hospitals of Cleveland, and then I went to the University of Texas in Houston for a shoulder and elbow fellowship. 

There I stayed and met my wife and stayed in Austin, Texas, practiced for five years, and then came back to OrthoNeuro and it’s been a real blessing to be back home and to be working with a great group of people.

I treat all disorders of the shoulders and elbow, including arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, total and reversal shoulder arthroplasty, fractures about the shoulder and elbow, and all types of sports medicine injuries for both young and old patients. 

I became a doctor; I should say I was inspired to become a doctor by my mom. She raised four boys by herself, and she always taught us how much joy that you could get from helping other people. So that made a lasting impression on me.

And I love science. I had a lot of good mentors in high school and college and also worked construction to pay for school. 

So, being involved with athletics, it was the perfect combination because I could use science to help others and also work with my hands and see those patients get back to their athletic endeavors that they love to do and make them so happy. 

My favorite part about being a doctor has to be being a part of their story.

Being inspired by how determined and how hard some of these people work and how they are able to take a tough situation, being in pain or having an injury, and completely turn it around and use that to make themselves better. Not only physically but also mentally. 

So seeing them get back to doing what they love is joy, and being part of that is really nice to have. 

My treatment philosophy with patients primarily revolves around enabling them to make their own decisions and empowering them to understand what’s going on with their body and how they can best address or solve the problem. 

I think a lot of that depends on the patient setting their own goals. I think some patients have the goal of playing with their grandkids, and other patients have the goal of playing sports at a professional level. 

So there’s a huge spectrum, and I think helping patients understand some of the terminology and verbiage and then make the goals, they’re much more invested and involved in their treatment plan. So that’s my top priority. 

My goals for the future in medicine are to continue to grow, evolve, and always become better. One of my mentors always said, “Give me something different, for I have the opportunity to become better.”

So I think that my education and experiences has brought me to work with several companies and work with training or educating other surgeons on shoulder replacement, and also designing pieces and parts for future shoulder replacements that would potentially make patients in the orthopedic community a better place and hopefully achieve better results and outcomes for the patients. 


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