Painful Hand: Desmond J. Stutzman, D.O.


In the middle-aged audience, in, actually, females, six times more likely than males, the primary problem that we see with the hand is thumb arthritis. And it can show up as early as your early 40s, mid-40s. A lot of times it doesn’t show up until, you know, the sixties, but there are quite a few patients that we see that are young and they’re affected by arthritis in the hand.

Common Shoulder Injuries

COMMON SHOULDER INJURIES by Ala ShumanThe shoulder joint is made up of multiple bones, held together by various muscles and tendons.  It is the most mobile joint in the body.  We use it for throwing, lifting, pushing, pulling, eating, driving, and a myriad of other...

Ankle Anatomy

ANKLE ANATOMY by  Shaunisha WinterThe ankle is the joint that connects the lower leg to the foot. The joint is essential for walking and all mobility. The ankle is a commonly injured joint with the most common injury being an ankle sprain. The ankle joint has a lot of...

Be the Driver to a Speedy Recovery

Be the Driver to a Speedy RecoveryThe weekend beach volleyball tournament that was going to give you months of bragging rights has landed you in your current predicament – the recovery room after an ACL replacement. Groggy from the anesthesia, you nod complacently as...

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