Do you have a herniated or bulging vertebral disc?

According to many studies, up to 85% of people in the United States will suffer from low back pain.  Low back pain is second only to upper respiratory infections (the common cold) as a reason for missed work time!

Herniated or bulging vertebral discs are common injuries of the neck and low back.  These injuries may be asymptomatic (no symptoms) and are more prevelent as we age. According to a study in 2008 from the Cleveland Clinic, 25% of all asymptomatic adults have at least 1 herniated vertebral disc and as many as 60% with no back pain have degenerative changes in their spines.

If you have back pain and any of the following signs, you should be seen by a spine doctor for an evaluation.

5 Common Signs You Have a Herniated Disc:

  • Unexplained muscle weakness
  • Numbness or tingling, commonly on one side of the body
  • Pain shooting down arm or leg
  • Pain that increases with prolonged sitting or standing
  • Pain that worsens at night or with certain movements

When people hear about orthopedic injuries, they usually think about the knees, shoulders, and hips. Hand injuries send a million workers to ERs each year. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 110,000 lost-time hand injuries annually. Injuries to your hand or wrist can be debilitating to your everyday function.

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