by Ralph J. Napolitano, Jr., DPM, CWSP, FACFAS

Toenails. Do you they bother you? Are they deformed, thick, and embarrassing? Hopefully not. If so, you probably have nail fungus, known clinically as onychomycosis.

It’s a very common condition that will affect one out of two of us in the united states by the time we’re 70. Predisposing factors are poor circulation, diabetes, a suppressed immune system, and family history. 

Traditional treatments include oral medications and topical medications. 

Oral treatments are not for everyone as they can affect the liver. Topical medications have improved in efficacy but shortcomings still exist. 

A newer treatment that is an excellent option is the nail fungus laser treatment that we offer at OrthoNeuro. No side effects, no drugs. It’s an excellent choice today. However, we’ll discuss that more in-depth at another time. 

Besides nail fungus, toenails can certainly be damaged beyond repair from trauma or other conditions such as psoriasis. Do you want to keep hiding your toes, especially during sandal and beach season? 

There is an option for you if you have damaged nails regardless of the underlying condition. That option is KeryFlex and the topic of our high summer foot health blog.

The KeryFlex procedure is a medical-grade synthetic nail restoration process that we offer at OrthoNeuro. It’s completely painless and done in the office setting. 

The process restores the appearance of an individual’s natural nails. This system allows for a certified provider to remodel an individual’s damaged nails affected by fungus, defects, and trauma. 

The composite resin creates a flexible, but durable, non-porous nail that allows the remaining natural nail to grow. The KeryFlex nail is an immediate cosmetic improvement providing a natural-looking nail. 

It is unaffected by acetone, nail polishes, or detergents. The process lasts for about 2 months, sometimes longer. Nails can be painted or left natural.

Now is not the time to hide your toes. Come in today for a consult to see if KeryFlex is right for you.

Toes, meet sand.

Dr. Napolitano is a double board-certified podiatrist and wound care specialist physician. (CWSP). He specializes in medicine, surgery and wound care of the foot, ankle and lower leg. He was the first podiatrist in the state of Ohio to earn the board certification Certified Wound Specialist Physician (CWSP).

“I strive to educate my patients thoroughly about their problem and offer a comprehensive and holistic treatment plan both medical and surgical. I believe healthy feet are the foundation for healthy living and will do my very best at all times to keep you active and moving along life’s journey—whatever your interests and wherever your feet may take you.”

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