If I’m asked about my career, it’s amazing how many people in the room end up having a hip or a knee pain that they’re interested in talking about. Patients that have a hip problem will start to have pain in the front of their hip. This would also be described as groin pain.

From there, they may start to see an overall lack of range of motion. Simple tasks such as maybe putting on your shoes and your socks may become more difficult. And the pain, along with the lack of range of motion, is what would drive a patient to come and see us.

We’ve learned a lot from the history of orthopedics and some of the implant materials that we’ve used. At this point, we’re really only using titanium metal implants, which are generally hypoallergenic. We’re also using ceramic for the femoral head replacement, which is also hypoallergenic and extremely durable. And then we also use polyethylene. Polyethylene is a plastic material. And at this point, our polyethylene is lasting some patients 25 to 30 years.

Most of medicines have moved towards more minimally invasive procedures. But this has to do not only with the size of the external incision but also the work that we’re doing below the skin, being more muscle sparing. Leaving those muscles and tendons attached around the joint that you are trying to replace is certainly going to lead to a faster recovery.

And that is what we’re trying to accomplish here at Ortho Neuro is to give you the smallest footprint possible for your surgical experience, but then also on the back end of recovery to give you the quickest recovery possible.

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