Dr. Scott Stephens Shares Insights on Overcoming Shoulder Arthritis


Shoulder arthritis—a condition that affects millions worldwide, casting a shadow over everyday life. On May 15th, 2024, Dr. Scott Stephens, OrthoNeuro Shoulder & Elbow Surgeon shared his wisdom at the OrthoAlliance OrthoInsights webinar, offering invaluable insights into shoulder arthritis and innovative treatments. Let’s delve into his illuminating discourse and explore the path to renewed mobility and freedom from pain.


Understanding Shoulder Arthritis:

Picture this: persistent pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion—hallmarks of shoulder arthritis. But fear not, for Dr. Stephens unraveled the mysteries of this condition, making it accessible to all. With clarity and empathy, he explained the underlying causes and progression of shoulder arthritis, empowering listeners to recognize and address its symptoms.

Total Shoulder Replacement: 

Total shoulder replacement surgery is a transformative procedure aimed at alleviating chronic pain and restoring function in individuals suffering from shoulder arthritis or severe shoulder injury. During this surgery, the damaged parts of the shoulder joint are replaced with artificial components, including a metal ball attached to a stem that fits into the shoulder socket, as well as a plastic socket that replaces the natural one. By recreating the natural biomechanics of the shoulder joint, total shoulder replacement surgery can significantly improve range of motion, reduce discomfort, and enhance overall quality of life for patients, enabling them to regain independence and pursue activities they love.

Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement: 

Reverse total shoulder replacement surgery is a procedure used to address severe shoulder pain and dysfunction, typically resulting from conditions like rotator cuff tears or arthritis. Unlike traditional shoulder replacements, this surgery reverses the ball-and-socket configuration of the shoulder joint, placing a metal ball on the shoulder socket and a plastic socket on the upper arm bone. This reversal allows other shoulder muscles to compensate for the damaged rotator cuff, improving stability and function. It’s often recommended for patients with complex shoulder issues, offering relief and restoring mobility to enhance their quality of life. 


Because knowledge is power. Participating in Dr. Stephens’ webinar can offer insights that positively influence your health journey. Whether you’re grappling with shoulder arthritis or supporting a loved one as a caregiver, understanding the available options empowers you to make informed decisions. 

This webinar isn’t just a one-time occurrence; it’s a valuable resource you can return to whenever guidance or reassurance is needed. So, if you’re eager to delve deeper into shoulder arthritis management and total or reverse total shoulder replacement, explore the entire presentation. 

In a world where shoulder pain can be overwhelming, Dr. Stephens’ expertise provides a beacon of hope. Let’s navigate the challenges of shoulder arthritis together and embrace the path towards healthier, happier shoulders.

To watch the webinar, visit: https://youtu.be/W0765bBvvqs

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