How Is Essential Tremor Diagnosed and What Are the Current Treatment Options?

Written by: Elizabeth Toigo, OMS-II

Essential tremor is the most common reason for tremor, affecting 24.91 million people worldwide[6]. Parkinson’s Disease is another unrelated cause for tremor. 

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What is Essential Tremor?

Essential tremor is a movement disorder due to an abnormal signal from the brain that causes uncontrolled and rhythmic shaking[2]. It typically occurs in the hands but can also result in a voice or head tremor[1]

Although not life-threatening, it decreases quality of life by affecting daily tasks such as writing, eating, and drinking[4]. Essential tremor can even be perceived as embarrassing by many patients.  

There is no known cause of essential tremor, but it is most common in people aged 65 and older[5].

A patient with essential tremor shaky hands in Columbus, Ohio.

How Do I Know If I Have Essential Tremor?

Beyond unwanted and uncontrolled shaking, the most common symptoms of essential tremor include:

  • Tends to be more noticeable in the dominant hand
  • Worsens with holding objects or writing[3]
  • Commonly occurs in hands first, but can affect many parts of the body, including voice and head
  • May worsen with stress, fatigue, or caffeine[1]

How is Essential Tremor Diagnosed?

Essential tremor is diagnosed in the following ways:

  • Medical history, family history, symptoms, physical examination
  • Neurological examination
  • Laboratory tests such as thyroid level
  • Performance tests- drink from a glass, hold arms outstretched, write a sentence, draw a spiral figure[1]

What Are the Treatment Options for Essential Tremor?

Treatments for essential tremor aim to control the symptoms. The following treatments are available for essential tremor:

  • Beta blockers- blocks stimulation from brain chemicals that lead to trembling[3]
  • Anti-seizure medications- possible option for patients who do not respond to beta blockers
  • Tranquilizers- this is a treatment option for patients whose tremor is worsened with tension or anxiety
  • (Botox) OnabotulinumtoxinA injections- relaxes excessive muscle contractions[3]
  • Surgery- reserved for those who do not respond to other treatment methods who have a severely disabling tremor[1]

Although there is no cure for essential tremors, treatment can help control or limit tremors in patients, thus improving quality of life. Unfortunately, essential tremor is a life-long condition that does not improve on its own, but a neurologist can help guide you in diagnosis and finding a beneficial treatment plan[4].

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Medically Reviewed by Martin Taylor, DO, PhD

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