My name is Dr. Dustin Reynolds an interventional pain management physician here at OrthoNeuro. 

I am from Bowling Green, Ohio. I grew up in that northwestern corner but then went to Ohio State University, was here in central Ohio, and finished my undergraduate degree there. And now I’m back. 

After Ohio State, I actually went to the American University of the Caribbean, which was down on the island of Sint Maarten, where I completed my clinical skills portions for the first two years of medical school, mainly bookwork at that time. 

Before doing my clinical rotations at affiliated hospitals, I obtained my anesthesiology residency at the University of Texas in Houston. After that, I completed my fellowship in pain management at Northwestern in Chicago. 

I always went back and forth on what I really wanted to do as I grew up. But, in the seventh grade, I was able to shadow a family friend that was an anesthesiologist. He took me into the operating room, showed me the different medications, and how everything kind of worked together. I really fell in love with it at that early age. 

I started pursuing it more through high school and college and set myself on a nice track in order to get to where I am today. 

Why did I choose interventional pain management instead of anesthesiology to continue as a career? I still love anesthesiology to this day. It’s a very fulfilling field that blends physiology, pharmacology, and pathology together and with a procedural side. 

The one thing that anesthesiology lacks is the continuity of care. When we put patients to sleep or are involved in their surgeries, we don’t have a follow-up period with those patients. That’s something that pain management gives me to this day, which is great. 

I love being able to see how the procedures I do, the therapies I prescribe or order, affects their daily life in a positive way. I like being able to build that rapport with patients, but most of all, changing their lives. 

We know that pain can be debilitating and interfere with every aspect of every walk of life. But, I’m able to be there and help them through this pathway of recovery but also pain relief. 

I started on November 1st, 2021. It’s been an exciting time so far. Treading water as best I can and just learning from all the great physicians and surgeons that we have in our practice that have not only taken me underneath their wing but have shown me new modalities of treatment and therapy and just ways to look at a problem differently than what I had been taught before.

So it’s been great. We have an amazing collegial approach here at OrthoNeuro, with a great history of being involved in central Ohio for over 80 years now. But I’m just enjoying the process. 

And as a young physician, I know I still have a lot to learn. But, I enjoy every day working with my patients every day, not only in the clinic but also on the procedure side in the different surgery centers we work out of. 

My future goals as a physician – once again, I really just want to help my patients as best I can. I am here to serve not only these patients but also our surgeons that help with their care plans. I’m a facilitator in that regard, working on a consultation basis. 

I see that molding into something in the future, and how that would change for me by offering more of these newer advanced techniques that I’m very excited to incorporate into these treatment plans. 

But, also just becoming a partner hopefully within OrthoNeuro here and providing the best care that I can in Central Ohio for not only patients that I get to see but also family members that live here in Columbus and close by. 

I am a Buckeye. Always will be a Buckeye.

I’m glad to be home.

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