Hi, I’m Dr. Jeremy Mathis. I actually went to high school here in Columbus, Ohio. I went to an undergrad in Indiana called Anderson University.

I went to med school at Ohio University for the first two years. I was down in Athens for the second two years.

I was here in Columbus at Doctors Hospital. And I did my residency in York, Pennsylvania. I came back here and completed an Ohio State Fellowship in Sports Medicine. 

When I was a kid, I had surgery on both of my feet, so I was in casts for several months as well. I didn’t quite like the experience that I had, so I thought that whenever I grew up, I’d like to provide patients and other people with a better experience than what I had. 

I played high school soccer and tennis and then played a couple of years of soccer in college as well. So I enjoy the sports atmosphere.

I then went on and continued to play soccer up until several years ago, when I ended up doing surgery on five guys on my team in one season. So I decided to stop. But again, the sports and athletic events are what I really enjoy.

Well, it’s funny. People talk about the God complex. Well, I don’t think I have a God complex, but at the same time, it’s a lot about understanding. 

So, a lot of patients and people don’t understand what’s going on. So, they look at the doctor and say, “Wow, he’s really – kind of like that.”

And to me, it’s more, “Hey, I just have a little bit more knowledge about that area. So I’d like to be able to help and do what I can to help you get back to doing what you’re doing.”

What I enjoy most is seeing patients come into my office having problems and then being able to take care of them several weeks later, or months, depending on the injury. I can get them back to doing pretty much whatever they wanted to before. 

Inspiration to me is more from my family and my kids, as well as friends. So, my kids are both in sports – soccer, gymnastics, baseball, and softball. So I enjoy watching them, and that kind of inspires me to keep going and keep having fun and being able to help fix them if they need it later.

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