Surgical Treatment

If surgery has been recommended, see the links below to provide you with more information on your procedure from

Gastrocnemius Recession

Bunion Repair

Flatfoot Surgery

Midfoot Fusion

Achilles Tendon Reconstruction

Lateral Ankle Stabilization

Metatarsal Shortening Osteotomy

Ankle Fracture Surgery

High Ankle Ligament Surgery

Bunionette Surgery

1st MTP joint fusion

1st MTP Joint Cheilectomy

Hardware Removal

Ankle Arthroscopy

Ankle Replacement

Ankle Fusion

Achilles Rupture Surgery

Triple Arthrodesis

Subtalar Fusion

High Arch Foot Correction

Foot Drop Surgery

Foot Fracture Surgery

Hammertoe Surgery

Calcaneus Fracture Surgery

Below Knee Amputation

Foot/Ankle Cyst Removal

Orthopedic Foot & Ankle treatments 1 (FootCareMD)


Orthopedic Foot & Ankle treatments 2 (AAOS)

If you are having surgery, more than likely Dr. Cheney will recommend a block. Below is a link from that will give you more information on what to expect and why Dr. Cheney recommends the nerve block.

Nerve Block

If Dr. Cheney plans on using implants to assist in correcting your foot problem, below is a link from that discusses the types of implants used in orthopedic foot & ankle surgery.

Orthopedic Hardware