New Dublin Physical Therapy Clinic Opened April 5th , 2021



OrthoNeuro opened its fifth rehabilitative services clinic on the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Dublin Campus on April 5th.

The 2,500 square foot space is located on the third floor of the newly renovated office building at 6785 Bobcat Way.  This location is staffed with four clinicians, two physical therapists and two physical therapist assistants.  We offer a wide range of rehabilitative services designed to evaluate and support the prevention, rehabilitation, and treatment of physical dysfunction and injury. Our treatment plans are individualized to each patient and modified according to the progress of each client.  Treatment may include:

  • Manual techniques such as joint and soft tissue mobilization
  • Application of electro-therapeutic and heat/cold modalities
  • Individualized exercise programs
  • Wellness
  • Heavy emphasis on patient education

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