5 ways Physical Therapy can improve your life

by Boston Gregg

We tend to only think of physical therapy (PT) as something doctors refer patients to following a sports injury, hip replacements, etc. but it is more than just a reactionary health care option. PT can be proactive. It can strengthen what age and degeneration has potentially tried to take away from your muscles and joints. There’s no need for a referral and most insurance companies cover some form of therapy.

Physical therapy can improve your life today. What have you got to lose?

physical therapy

1. Reduce risk of falls:

Strengthening your physical balance can help avoid slips and falls year round. As we get older, our senses begin to dull. Our ears are not only used for hearing, but also maintaining balance. As our bodies change over time, we increase the risk of losing our balance while attempting to sit, stand, or walking. Some physical therapists will have exercises that include real-life situations such as how to catch yourself during a fall.

2. Avoid surgery:

PT can help eliminate pain, improve injuries, and avoid surgery. Even if it cannot deter surgery completely, your recovery time following surgery will be reduced significantly, thanks to physical therapy before and after surgery. Physical therapists can be invaluable to improving the lives and quality of living for their patients.

3. Improve mobility:

Whether your mobility has decreased due to age or injury, working with a physical therapist can improve your range of motion. Physical therapists also properly fit canes and crutches to each individual. Through a customized exercise routine, you and your therapist can pinpoint areas in need of improvement.

4. Manage pre-existing conditions and pain:

Physical therapy can be used to manage conditions ranging from frozen shoulder, heart or lung disease, diabetes, etc. Patients with painful pre-existing conditions report that it effectively reduces their pain. As functionality and mobility improves with PT, pain decreases. Some patients see it as a safer alternative to long-term pain medication.

5. Improve mood and self-confidence:

Exercising on your own or with a physical therapist can rebuild self-confidence while also improving your health and mobility. Regular exercise has been proven to improve sleep, energy, and memory. Patients with mental illnesses such as Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD.

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