Activities For Older People – B. Rodney Comisar, M.D.


A 50-year-old has to approach exercise differently than a 30-year-old with respect to what they can tolerate as well as recovery. 

We encourage them to get in the pool. Swimming is a fantastic activity, especially if you have a bad back, knees, or hips.

Cycling can be great, whether it’s a stationary recumbent bike or getting out on the road. Getting on a bike can be probably a better choice than attempting to walk when you have a knee that causes you to limp, for instance. 

Cross-training using the elliptical trainer, or what’s termed an EFX, is also a less-impact option for those patients. 

Similarly, as our patients age, there’s an advantage to bone health just with some kind of weight-bearing activity. And that’s where walking can come into play as long as their joints can allow it.


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