Common Injuries In Younger Athletes – B. Rodney Comisar, M.D.


Young patients have less joint surface problems that might lead to arthritis and more muscle or tendon injuries associated with their particular sport. 

Some of the adolescents we treat are still skeletally immature, where their bones are still forming and they have open cartilage or growth plates.

That puts them at risk of different types of injuries where they might tear a ligament or a tendon or just sprain something instead of breaking something.


Subacromial Impingement Syndrome

Subacromial Impingement Syndrome

Subacromial Impingement SyndromeThe shoulder joint is the most mobile joint of the body. The anatomical relationship between the humerus (arm bone) and the glenoid of the scapula (the shoulder blade) is a ball and socket joint. However, unlike the hip joint, which...

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