Meet Dr. Siddharth Shetgeri, OrthoNeuro Neurosurgeon


My name is Siddharth Shetgeri, I’m a neurosurgeon with a concentration and a focus in spine surgery. I treat the gamut of neurosurgical and spine disorders. 

In terms of neurosurgery, I treat general neurosurgery, subdural hematomas, epidural hematomas, and trauma neurosurgery. And with respect to the spine, I treat the gamut of disorders. 

Anything from degenerative spine conditions, to deformity and scoliosis, to functional neurosurgical spine, such as spinal cord stimulation and neuromodulation, to small procedures like kyphoplasty.

I am from India. That’s where I was born and I was raised for some of my life. After that, I moved to Australia, and I lived there for approximately ten years or so. And then we moved to Texas. So I guess I’m from a little bit of everywhere, mostly Texas. 

So I went to school at the University of Texas for undergrad and then for medical school I went to the College of Osteopathic Medicine in Chicago. 

For my residency, I had my residency in neurosurgery at Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn, Michigan. And for fellowship, I went to UCLA for neurosurgical and complex spine. 

I think everybody wants to say that, you know, we became physicians to help people, and that is absolutely true. But specifically, with respect to neurosurgery and spine, there’s such a broad scope of things that neurosurgeons and spine surgeons can offer to make people’s lives better. 

My favorite part of being a doctor is the challenge. There are things that are very straightforward in being a physician. There are things that are a little more challenging in being a physician. 

But I feel like, when things are more challenging, it really brings us, it brings our abilities, our ways to help people in the most innovative way possible to the forefront. And I feel like that challenge is very fulfilling to me. 

Patient experience is king. I think that patient experience starts from somebody’s end game, what they want from their bodies.

And it’s really a privilege to be able to provide a great experience to people because we can look at their end game and then work backward to their problem and then tailor a plan that helps them realistically meet those goals.

You know, people want to feel something. People want to throw a football. People want to throw a baseball with their children. They want to go shopping. They want to chase their grandchildren around the living room. 

I think that being able to give them these experiences, these feelings in a realistic way possible with what’s available with our hands and what’s available with our technology, is, I think, my treatment philosophy and, I think, the treatment philosophy for everybody here at OrthoNeuro. 

My goals for the future are to really make my practice here a comprehensive and collaborative practice. Not just with physicians and partners that we have here at OrthoNeuro, but generally in Columbus and generally in the Greater Columbus area to serve the needs for an expansive type of patient population. 

People are, you know, Columbus is significantly diverse. And I feel like it’s really our duty to be able to provide a service to them that they want and they can accept.

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