5 Myths About Aching Feet

Written by: Jenna Warnimont, OMS-II

Are you dealing with aching feet after a hard day’s work? You are not alone! Millions of people suffer from painful and uncomfortable symptoms, like cramping, soreness, and inflammation in their feet every day. 

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for such ailments, it is important to get informed about the causes and treatments available – so knowing the facts is key! Unfortunately, there are plenty of falsehoods out there about what may be causing your pain or how best to address it. 

That’s why we have put together this blog post to knock down five common myths about aching feet, as well as provide insight into developing an effective treatment plan for maximum foot comfort.

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1.Bunions Are Caused by ill-fitting Shoes

What are bunions? Bunions are painful, bony bumps that develop at the base of the big toe. Bunions normally do not require medical attention. However, if they become painful, they should be evaluated by a medical professional for treatment. 

Many people believe that bunions are caused from poorly fitted shoes that are too narrow or tight on the toes, or from regularly wearing high heels. Actually, they are not the cause at all! 

If you see one individual who has bunions, there is a high chance that they have a relative who also does. This is because individuals who have bunions, which are medically described as a hallux valgus deformity, are more likely to develop the condition. 

In addition, women are more likely than men to develop bunions, and bunions on both feet are more common than having them on a single foot! 

2. Foot Pain is a Normal Part of Aging

Pain of any kind is not a normal part of aging. It could be a sign of an underlying medical condition. 

Foot pain, in particular, could be a sign of ill-fitting shoes, bunions, foot arthritis, plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, and many more conditions. It is important to see a healthcare professional if you are experiencing foot pain to determine the root cause of the pain in order to treat it. Delaying treatment can ultimately worsen the condition and make it more difficult to treat. 

At OrthoNeuro, we have a knowledgeable and dedicated staff in our foot, ankle, and podiatry department who can help with diagnosing and treating your condition! 

3. Being Able to Walk on Your Foot Means it isn’t Broken

Broken bones in the foot should not be diagnosed based on if an individual is able to walk or put pressure on their foot. There can be multiple explanations as to why an individual feels fine to walk. For example, they have a high pain tolerance, and it does not cause them a lot of pain. 

People are often trying to “suck it up” or “play through the pain” and not let the injury hinder them in their activities which can cause people to walk on a broken foot. 

When injuring the foot, it is important to rest and see a healthcare professional, or more specifically a foot specialist like a podiatrist, to get necessary imaging, treatment, and the okay to return to activities safely. 

4. Nothing Can Be Done for Broken Toes 

Broken toes may begin to feel better soon after the injury event. However, this is not always the case. Seeing a foot specialist can help ensure appropriate healing to prevent complications later such as osteomyelitis, a bone infection, or arthritis. 

Surprisingly, there are multiple different treatment options for broken toes. Some treatments are easy at-home remedies like ice, elevation, budding taping, and OTC pain medication. Other treatments can be more aggressive, such as orthopedic shoes/boots, casting, and surgery. 

5. Pain in My Heel Develops from Standing on Hard Surfaces

This is another myth, as hard surfaces have never been proven to cause heel pain! However, hard surfaces have been known to aggravate heel pain. 

Heel pain can develop from a multitude of causes, such as poor shoe support, excessive weight, having flat feet, overuse, and medical conditions such as bone spurs, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, etc. 

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Medically Reviewed by Ralph Napolitano, DPM

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