Carpal tunnel syndrome basically develops because of the area where the nerve goes through a tunnel, there’s a ligament that goes across bone that kind of forms a “U” shape.

The ligament completes the tunnel. The tunnel has nine tendons that travel through that with one nerve that gives you sensation to your thumb, index, middle, and part of your ring finger.

What happens over time is that the linings of our tendons increase in size. That pressure starts to increase. And a lot of that’s controlled by your genetics.

With this tissue starting to fill up the space, that very delicate nerve with the delicate blood supply starts to get pinched. And essentially carpal tunnel syndrome is a lack of blood supply for the nerve.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment Options

Using a splint at night stretching exercises. Those are the first-line defenses with carpal tunnel syndrome. Steroid injections are another option. The injection itself kind of shrinks the lining of attendance and provides more room for the nerve as it goes through this carpal tunnel region.

Of course, the final step is releasing that tunnel. We make an incision into the palm of the hand and open up the tunnel where that nerve traverses. So that nerve is not getting pressured anymore. And that usually takes care of the symptoms.

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