Hello, I’m Dr. Martin Taylor. I attended the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth for medical school. I did my residency at the University of Rochester, New York, for residency in neurology. I’m board certified in both headache and neurology.

Once I got into medical school, I was very interested in brains and neuroscience, which led me to get my Ph.D. in neuroscience and biomedical science. It just seemed reasonable to go into neurology based on that, and it was the right choice because I love what I’m doing. 

So, I treat dystonias, head pain, and neck pain. Also, outside of that, I treat other neuropathic pain and headache pain

It’s interesting to see every day that the things we see are always a little bit different. And I love being able to help patients that have unusual symptoms and problems that sometimes other doctors can’t figure out. 

It actually helps to have a certain niche and being able to help those patients who otherwise may have been misdiagnosed. We can also do certain treatments that may be more beneficial to those patients who have had problems, and they’ve been suffering from ongoing pain conditions. 

For instance, some didn’t get properly diagnosed or just never got the right kind of treatment in the first place. So it’s really gratifying to meet those patients and be able to help them when it’s been such a long time and they still haven’t received any benefit. 

It’s rewarding to see the difference in patients’ lives and being able to reduce their pain level and increase their activity. So, it’s not always so much as “I’m better; my pain is better.” Patients will come back and say, “My life is different. I’m able to do things.”

Pain and things like neurologic disease can make you moody and grumpy. And the patient’s spouse says, “I have my wife back” or “I have my husband back” emotionally too, not just physically.

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