Hip Muscle Strain

What are hip muscle strains, and how are they treated?

If you begin noticing hip pain, whether it is mild pain or simply muscle tightness, there is a good chance that you’ve injured the muscles in your hip.

How can you know whether or not you are experiencing hip muscle strains, and what should you do if you are?

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, a hip strain occurs if one of the supporting muscles and tendons of the hip joint is stretched beyond its limits.

If muscle strains in the hip occur, rest or medical attention, such as physical therapy, can help recovery.

If you are experiencing muscle strains in or around the hip area, treating the problem on your own may be challenging.

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What Is Hip Muscle Strain?

Femur or thigh bones and the pelvis are the bones of the hip area to which muscles anchor.

Some of these are the hip flexor muscles such as the rectus femoris, the gluteals, the adductors, the quadriceps, and the hamstrings. It is these lower abdominal muscles and hip flexors that often get strained. 

The word “strain” can mean your tendon or muscle has been stretched too far, or in severe cases, it can be an actual tear in your muscle fibers.

Hip flexor strains often happen near the muscle and tendon combination point, otherwise known as the tissue where the muscle joins the tendon.

This type of strain can occur due to sudden movements and is therefore called an acute injury.

What Causes the Hip Muscle Strain?

Hip flexor strain is usually the result of strenuous activity. For example, when you exercise without first stretching, you could cause not just one injured muscle but also experience repeated strains of the same area afterward.

Hip strains can also happen due to a fall or a direct blow during a contact sport. In addition, these strains can be caused by a weakening of the tendon that occurs over time by repetitive movements.

What Are the Symptoms of a Hip Muscle Strain?

In the case of both hip flexor strain and straining in the hip muscles, you may experience some tenderness and swelling.

Mild strains can cause increased pain when you use the muscle or tendon, most noticeably during daily activities.

What Happens After a Hip Strain Injury?

Once you have experienced a hip strain, you may notice that hip strains seem to occur afterward on a regular basis.

Whether experiencing a partial or complete tear, after an initial injury, your muscle is more likely to be injured again. As a result, many hip strains may require physical therapy to heal properly.

How Can You Recover From a Hip Flexor Strain?

A hip flexor strain injury can be debilitating.

Those who have suffered from hip flexor injuries can feel uncomfortable as they experience muscle weakness and are also limited in daily activity. Fortunately, there are several ways to recover from these injuries.

In the case of a mild injury to the muscles supporting the pelvic area, simple rest of the affected hip can relieve pain.

Hip strains improve when the tear or strain itself is not made worse by continued movement. Also, applying ice immediately after injuring yourself will keep swelling down in a hip strain injury.

In the case of severe strains that seem to persist after a few weeks, be sure to consult an orthopedic specialist.

Our professionals at OrthoNeuro will conduct a physical examination before prescribing any medication or recommending therapy to relieve severe hip strains.

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