Revision Hip Arthroplasty

What is revision hip surgery, and how is it performed?

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What Is Revision Hip Arthroplasty or Revision Hip Surgery?

One of the most common reasons it is needed is to address osteoarthritis in another area of the joint. For instance, if you have had a partial knee replacement and several years later osteoarthritis is affecting the other compartment of the knee, this compartment of the knee may now be replaced as well.  

In other instances, the metal or plastic components were not correctly fitted into position and are now causing pain or dysfunction in the joint.

At OrthoNeuro, our Board Certified Joint Replacement Surgeons use the latest advancements in surgical techniques and technology to minimize the need for revision joint replacement procedures. 

Our Orthopedic Surgeons have been trusted by countless patients to correct complications that arose from previous joint replacement surgeries at other medical practices and hospitals.

How Is Revision Hip Arthroplasty Performed at OrthoNeuro?

How revision joint replacement is performed is based on your specific condition and what is causing pain or dysfunction in the joint.

If needed, implants may be removed and replaced with newer or better-fitting implants.

If a partial knee replacement needs to be transitioned to a total knee replacement, your OrthoNeuro surgeon will discuss with you the best approach for this procedure.

Your OrthoNeuro Joint Replacement Surgeon will thoroughly evaluate your previous surgery to develop a surgical plan that is unique to your condition.

Make an Appointment with an OrthoNeuro Hip Specialist Today!

If you have been considering revision joint replacement, schedule an appointment with one of our Board Certified Orthopedic Hip Specialists at one of our 7 convenient locations throughout Greater Columbus. 

We will evaluate your unique lifestyle and goals to determine which type of treatment is best for you. Best of all, most patients can be seen within 24 hours of making an appointment.

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