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What is elbow arthroscopy, and how is it performed?

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What Is an Elbow Arthroscopy?

Elbow arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure used to remove or trim bone spurs or to repair torn tendons and ligaments within the elbow.


About Elbow Arthroscopy

This procedure is typically recommended if your condition has not responded to non-surgical treatment options and pain and range of motion issues persist.

Commonly performed elbow arthroscopy procedures include:

1. Bone spur removal Severe elbow osteoarthritis can cause bone-on-bone rubbing and the formation of bone spurs. Bone spurs may be smoothed using a small shaver and other small surgical tools.

2. Debris removal  An injury or osteoarthritis may tear a piece of cartilage in the elbow joint, which causes pain and limits motion. Small instruments are used to remove the torn cartilage.

3. Joint capsule repair  A loose capsule of the elbow causes instability, pain, and weakness. A joint capsule tightening will reattach loose parts of the capsule to the bone.

Conversely, a tight capsule causes elbow stiffness, pain, and decreased range of motion. A joint capsule release removes pieces of the capsule.

The Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeons at OrthoNeuro are experts in elbow arthroscopy procedures and have helped thousands of patients return to an active and healthy lifestyle following these procedures.

How Is Elbow Arthroscopy Performed?

At OrthoNeuro, elbow arthroscopy is performed on an outpatient basis so that you can return home the same day as your procedure.

During the procedure:

  • Two small elbow incisions are made
  • The elbow joint is viewed through an arthroscopic camera on a monitor in the surgical suite
  • Bone spurs are removed, or ligaments and tendons are repaired
  • The incision is closed with small sutures

Using our advanced minimally invasive techniques, there is very little surgical trauma and you are able to recover and return to normal activities shortly after surgery. 

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