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What is rotator cuff repair, and how is it performed?

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What Is a Rotator Cuff Repair?

A rotator cuff repair is a surgical procedure to repair a partially or completely torn rotator cuff. The goal of this procedure is to repair the torn tendons using small sutures to create strength and stability in the tendon.

Once the sutures are put in place, small anchors are used to reattach the tendon to its original position within the shoulder joint.


About Rotator Cuff Repair

A rotator cuff repair was performed for many years as an open incision procedure. But, at OrthoNeuro, modern surgical techniques now allow the overwhelming majority of rotator cuff repairs to be performed arthroscopically.

How Is a Rotator Cuff Repair Performed?

In most cases, rotator cuff repair is performed as an outpatient procedure by the Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeons at OrthoNeuro.

During a rotator cuff repair procedure:

  • Two to three tiny incisions are made and an arthroscopic camera and shaver device are passed through them
  • Pieces of the damaged tendon, cartilage, and bone are smoothed
  • Suture anchors attach the torn tendon to the bone and repair torn tendon ends
  • Incisions are carefully closed and covered with dressings and the patient is placed in a comfortable sling

Total procedure time is usually less than 1 hour and you are able to return home the same day as your procedure.

Physical therapy is an important part of recovery as it helps improve stability in the shoulder as well as increase range of motion.

The Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeons at OrthoNeuro have performed thousands of rotator cuff repairs and are experts in this procedure.

The decision of what approach is best for you will be determined by what you and your OrthoNeuro Joint Replacement Specialist feel are best.

Make an Appointment with an OrthoNeuro Shoulder Specialist Today!

If you have been experiencing the symptoms of a rotator cuff tear and are considering a rotator cuff repair, schedule an appointment with one of our Board Certified Shoulder Specialists at one of our 7 convenient locations throughout Greater Columbus. 

We will evaluate your unique lifestyle and goals to determine which type of treatment is best for you. Best of all, most patients can be seen within 24 hours of making an appointment.

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8 weeks after bad rotator cuff surgery and I am doing well thank you for the great service