Bankart Lesion

What is a Bankart lesion, and how is it treated?

A Bankart lesion is an injury commonly associated with a dislocated shoulder.

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint made up of the humeral head of the upper arm bone and the shoulder socket on the shoulder blade.

The shoulder joint is enclosed by a capsule made up of ligaments and other tough fibers. 

When an anterior shoulder dislocation occurs, the humeral head forcefully pushes against the anterior glenoid labrum at the front of the socket, tearing it.

A glenoid labrum tear in the anterior joint is called a Bankart lesion or a Bankart tear. Once the labrum is torn, you will be at a greater risk of recurrent dislocation.

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What Causes a Bankart Lesion/Tear?

High energy trauma and sports injuries are the most common reasons for Bankart tears.

They can occur through acute injuries or repetitive overuse injuries.

They are most common among people in their twenties but could happen to people of any age.

Possible causes of shoulder dislocations and lesions are:

  • Sports collisions
  • Falls from sports
  • Falls not from sports
  • Car accidents
  • Overuse injuries
  • Loose ligaments

What Are the Symptoms of a Bankart Lesion?

How Is a Bankart Lesion Diagnosed?

If you have sustained a shoulder dislocation, it will likely have caused a Bankart tear.

However, a physical examination is usually not sufficient in detecting the tear.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is generally performed after a shoulder dislocation to confirm that a tear took place.

The surgeon may also use an x-ray to determine any bony lesions or electromyography to determine any nerve injury.

Can a Bankart Lesion Heal Without Surgery?

Bankart lesions may be treated using non-surgical methods such as rest, immobilization, and physical therapy. This is especially true in older patients.

However, if you have a torn labrum, the surgeon will need to reattach it to the shoulder socket.

The surgical procedure often used is arthroscopy, which has high success rates in treating joint conditions such as Bankart repair.

Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally-invasive technique that has many advantages over open surgery.

First, the surgeons use tiny incisions to insert a camera inside the affected area, which allows them to examine it before performing corrections thoroughly.

Then the surgeons insert specialized instruments through the tiny incisions to repair the damage to the shoulder at the exact point of the injury.

They will then fix all the tears that may have occurred in the muscle, tendon, or cartilage, thoroughly and any damaged tissue will be removed.

When the surgeons have finished the procedure, the incisions will be stitched closed.

How Long Does Bankart Repair Take To Heal?

After arthroscopic Bankart repair, you will need to keep your arm immobilized in a sling for approximately one month.

However, you will begin physical therapy about five days following the surgery.

You will not be able to participate in contact sports for six months after surgery to allow the shoulder to heal fully.

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