Spine Surgery

What is it and how is it performed?

What is Revision Spine Surgery?

Revision spine surgery is sometimes needed to correct issues that resulted from a previous spine surgery.  There can be a number of factors that can cause enduring or recurrent pain in someone who has already undergone spinal surgery.

Our Spine Surgeons have been trusted by countless patients to correct complications that arose from previous spine surgeries at other medical practices and hospitals.

The need for revision spinal surgery may be related to the re-herniation of a disc, development of a post-operative infection, hardware failure, non-surgery related spine degeneration, instability, adjacent segment degeneration, or pseudarthrosis (failure to achieve solid fusion).

Adjacent Segment Disease is the degeneration of the level above or below the original surgical area.  

At OrthoNeuro, our Board Certified Spine Surgeons use the latest advancements in surgical techniques and technology to minimize the need for revision spine surgery.

How is Revision Spine Surgery Performed at OrthoNeuro?

How revision spine surgery is performed is based on what is causing pain and other symptoms.  If the implants from a previous surgery are pressing on a spinal nerve, these implants may be removed, repositioned, or reimplanted to alleviate the pressure on the spinal nerve.

If the disc or vertebrae above or below the original surgical area is affected, a spinal fusion may be extended to also stabilize those vertebrae or discs.

Your OrthoNeuro Spine Surgeon will thoroughly evaluate your previous surgery to develop a surgical plan that is unique to your condition.

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