Stress Fractures

What is it and how is it treated?

What is a Stress Fracture?

A stress fracture is a small crack in a bone or severe brusing within a bone.  Most stress fractures are caused by overuse or repetitive activities. Many times a stress fracture results from increasing the amount of intensity of an activity too quickly.  Conditions that decrease bone density and strength such as osteoporosis, poor conditioning prior to beginning a sport, and improper technique all increase the likelihood of a stress fracture.  Although they can occur in many of the bones within the body, stress fractures are most common in the lower leg and foot. 

Symptoms include:

  • Pain or sensitivity in a specific area during activity
  • Pain that diminishes druing rest
  • Tenderness to touch at the site of the fracture 

The Board Certified Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Specialists at OrthoNeuro have helped thousands of patients with stress fractures return to an active and healthy lifestyle using a variety of treatment options.

How is a Stress Fracture Treated at OrthoNeuro?

Surgery is rarely ever needed for a stress fracture. Rest and bracing are the most commonly used treatments for stress fractures.  Most stress fractures heal within 6-8 weeks if they are rested properly. However, if not given the chance to heal the fracture may not completely heal and cause continued complications.

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